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From Yakult Swallows to Giants to Hanshin

Under the late director Katsuya Nomura, Mr. Hirosawa is thorough"ID Baseball"Is struck in. (By the way, "ID baseball" was coined "Important Data" and became a buzzword at the time.) ID baseball. In other words, baseball that values ​​data.

Mr. Hirosawa, along with "Takahiro Ikeyama" who joined the group one year earlier, played the main role of Yakult called "HI gun" (H = Hirosawa, I = Ikeyama), and was directed by Nomura."Batting according to the situation"Or"Batting without strikeout"Mr. Hirosawa's nowBasic part of batting theoryWas taught.

According to Mr. Hirosawa, the director Nomura at the time was very affectionate. From his relationship with Nomura, to Hirosawa's head and body,Robust his own batting theoryWill be formed.

League championship at Yakult. Contributed to winning the Japan series. Joined the giant in FA in 1995. Under the supervision of Nagashima, he experienced Japan again.

Then, in 2000, he transferred to the Hanshin Tigers led by his teacher, Nomura. It will also contribute to Japan's number one. Mr. Hirosawa was the only one to have won the championship in all the teams he belonged to.ExactlyA baseball person who looks good in being "the best in Japan"What!


The batting theory of "Katsumi Hirosawa" loved by top baseball players

It was in 2003 that I retired from my active life as a professional baseball player. Round 7 of the Japanese series this year. Mr. Hirosawa who stood in the bat at 9th 2 out. This was the last batter's box in my baseball life.

And thatHe hit homeruns at the last bat! It became the oldest home run in Japan series!(41 years and 6 months at the time)

19 years of active life. I have never been sent off. Mr. Hirosawa became a top-notch baseball player because the baseball players he met were “first-class” and he had a very personality that was loved by the “first-class baseball players”. It has a solid presence in the baseball world.

The president of is Mr. Hirosawa's junior junior at Meidai baseball club. The president was enthusiastic about Mr. Hirosawa's "batting theory" and wanted to teach this to the boys, so he asked Mr. Hirosawa to consult.

The well-accepted Mr. Hirosawa held a youth baseball class in Miyazaki, which he regularly organizes nationwide!

Awesome "Meiji University Baseball Club" network! ! Infinitely thick, deep, and long!

At this time, for the first time, I talked directly with Mr. Hirosawa. The impression is...

The body is very big and the voice is loud! Anyway, everything is big! !

The enthusiastic instruction from the boys made a strong impression on the parents. Everyone was very impressed that Mr. Hirosawa, a leading player, would teach his son directly!

Passionate instruction

And it was very popular"Video Private Lesson"Event. Mr. Hirosawa himself carefully checked the videos of "their own batting practice" sent by the boys, and sent personal guidance and advice to each boy.

this"Video Private Lesson"I was fortunate to listen to the recorded scenery of the live. This is "Katsumi Hirosawa's batting theory"! ! I was so impressed that I had goose bumps standing up! ! !

Guidance contents at this time, how to overcome the weaknesses of the boys, and accurate advice. These are published in detail in this "web magazine". If you are interested in this section, please read the important part of Mr. Hirosawa's "Batting theory".

⇒ The whole video private lesson by Katsumi Hirosawa is here!

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