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Do you know the true "Katsumi Hirosawa"?

It may be rude to Mr. Hirosawa to start with such a title. But I would like to ask. How many people"Pole and baseball player. Katsumi Hirosawa"Do you know how amazing!

Writing such a thing myself, I didn't know how much Mr. Hirosawa was a great baseball player. Not only the ability of baseball,"High level of batting theory"And in his heart"The passion for baseball is second to none"I didn't know

While I was given the opportunity to hear Mr. Hirosawa's story directly, touched on his personality, and looking back on the brilliant results backed by theory,"Pole and baseball player. Katsumi Hirosawa"I wanted to write about that. Of course, it is far from the content that Hirosawa writes and speaks directly, but I would like to write all the things I saw, heard, and felt.

It's a little different, butMr. Hirosawa holds regular youth baseball classes all over the country.. This class, which is attended by many boys every time, is famous for Mr. Hirosawa's enthusiastic instruction.

The following pictures are taken at Tano Town in Miyazaki Prefecture. Hirosawa's passion for baseball is conveyed.

Guidance on how to hit the in-course

↑Mr. Hirosawa who teaches how to hit the in-course.

Already a star player since Meiji University

As you all know, Mr. Hirosawa is from the Meiji University baseball team. Meiji University Baseball Club. As an aside, the Meiji University baseball club at that time was famous for being the most rigorous practice and discipline in Tokyo 6 University baseball.

It seems that there was such an "ironing" that it was not an exaggeration to say that bullying was unthinkable now. It is said that major famous companies were all adopting the taiko judgment, saying, "A person from the Meiji University baseball club should be able to endure even the toughest social life."

The extremely strict manager of the baseball club was “Odai Yoshioka Shimaoka”. A famous director who does not quit Tekken sanctions. I was afraid of my students and eventually came to be called "Odai".

The presence was so absolute that the players were so moved and tearful that they could just call out to Director Shimaoka. Mr. Hirosawa, who has received a Spartan education from the director, and has been subjected to strict training. Later, he said, "I tried to escape many times" because of the severity of the practice.

I was a classmate with Mr. Hirosawa at the time, and I asked a former member of the baseball club, Meiji University, about this.

“I also had a certain amount of confidence and pride because I was a person who was active in Koshien to some extent and entered the Meiji University baseball club in the selection. Only such players were there. When I hit the bat, I heard the sound that the bat cut the wind due to the [speed] and [strength]. I realized that these players could become professionals."

As the person said, Mr. Hirosawa will immediately stand out.In 1983, won the second ever [leading batter for two consecutive seasons]When he was selected as the representative player of the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics, he hit a home run in the final and contributed greatly to the gold medal.

The foundation for becoming a first-class professional baseball player was cultivated in the Meiji University baseball club where you met Shimaoka. In this way, Mr. Hirosawa joins the Yakult Swallows with noise. I met there, the director of the late "Katsuya Nomura" who should be called a baseball teacher. Continued next time!

⇒ What is the bat that Katsumi Hirosawa used in batting practice since he was a boy?

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