Wooden bat/ball park dot com we introduce wooden bat by material!

Introducing the wooden bat of Ball Park dot com by material!

If you divide the original wooden bat of Ball Park dot com into [by material], it is 3 types of"bamboo bat","maple bat","Ramie bat". About "bamboo bat" we introduced in detail in the previous [purpose], so this time, we will introduce "maple bat" and "Ramie bat".

Maple bats from North America

It is said that bamboo bat for boys is synonymous with Ball Park dot com, but actually maple bat is also quite famous! Similar to bamboo bat, maple bat has also been trial and error.The production area of Maple has also changed.And it was a complete"Maple bat from North America」It is

There are 10 types of grip shapes, and you can choose your favorite grip.

⇒Details of the North American maple bat from here!

Ramie Batt

It is a plywood bat that combines the durability of bamboo and the play of Maple.Since the way of playing the ball is close to the maple bat, many players are used this bat for training.

⇒The details of Ramie bat from here!   

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