Ground maintenance supplies [Magic Maintenance Mat]

What is a magic maintenance mat?

Ground maintenance is an essential part of baseball players. Ground maintenance is very important in order to make the game smooth and without injury. Therefore, players put the ear sewer every time of daily practice. Of course, it is part of the club activities that are important to do ground maintenance by hand, but it is still a large scale and requires full-scale ground maintenance.

So recently, the attention of [Magic Maintenance] In a nutshell, it is a tool to install in a car and to perform ground maintenance. Here is the real picture!

Ground Maintenance Mat Magic Maintenance Mat

☆It is a double rake attached for digging up, and it maintains it while digging up the ground.

Ground Maintenance Mat Magic Maintenance Mat

☆It is attached to a light truck and maintained. The finish is beautiful!

Ground Maintenance Mat Magic Maintenance Mat


【Product name】Magic Maintenance M3S
[Main body angle] (with double rake for digging up)
W2000 × D500mm / Weight 36kg
[Mesh mat for uniform finish] (with 4 shackles)
W2500 × D425mm / Weight 28kg
[Tot quote wire 4m × 1 book] (1 hook, 2 shackles)
【Total weight】 64kg

The two rake parts in the center of the main body dig up the tightly tightened ground. Moreover, the ground is finished neatly by the net-like mat attached to the tail.

*In Miyazaki Prefecture, we will deliver it by our company.(Saturdays, Sundays and holidays available)
※Because it becomes the delivery of the carrier in the prefecture other than Miyazaki Prefecture, the postage is charged separately.
⇒Because it depends on the region, we will estimate it separately. (5,000 yen to 15,000 yen)
⇒Delivery outside Miyazaki Prefecture is due to the convenience of the carrier.Weekday delivery limitedThank you for your understanding.

☆For more information on ground maintenance supplies, check out the website!


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