Ground maintenance | What is a ground maintenance method to have in oneself? ③Right how to hang ... dragonflies

Let's use the nail lake dragonfly belonging to!

It is in a condition that sand was reflected on appearance when I take a dragonfly to dry a ground after the rain. It is a right method, but it is necessary to return a ground to the good state by an original maintenance method when there are the daylight hours as introduced by the last time if I assume it correspondence of taking an emergency measure.

Because it rained, the soft black soil of the original ground sinks towards an underside. At first I dig it up in dragonflies well, and it is necessary to level it while untying the black soil which hardened. The look is good, but should not do it with ground condition only by tracing the surface in dragonflies, and having worn a brush.

Because a difference is reflected on hardness of the soil, it causes the irregular bound. Therefore "it is the dragonfly" which can dig necessary one to the depth of spikes well. The dragonfly which can simplify that I dig up black soil and I level it. I should be able to give ground condition if I use this.


How to hang dragonflies that <[animation] is right> How to hang right dragonflies animation

This is a nail lake dragonfly belonging to!

Dragonfly with the nail lake①

When I spread

Dragonfly with the nail lake②

As for the large-scale ground maintenance using tractors, around one time is performed in a year. I can keep minimum ground condition by always taking a dragonfly steadily. Please use this "nail lake dragonfly belonging to"!

⇒The dragonfly belonging to nail lake from this!

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