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Basic ground maintenance

Correct ground maintenance? Even if asked, "I'm sorry, this is it!" This is because it is necessary to know the nature of the soil on the ground, know the effects of the weather, and change the maintenance contents in a natural environment that changes day by day. Still, if you know the basics, there are things you can do.

Here, I would like to introduce the "basic ground maintenance method".

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With daily practice, the ground soil is full of spike holes. If you only apply the registration marks to the holes of the spikes and then stroke the surface with a brush, the appearance will be beautiful.

However, if this is the case, there will be a difference in the hardness of the soil that is stepped on with the spikes and the hardness of the soil that is not stepped on, causing irregular bounce.

The important thing is to dig up the soil with the rake and hang the dragonflies up to the depth where the spikes have been dug!

After that, if there is a lump of soil, loosen it and level the soil so that the entire ground has a uniform pressure.

Even after cleaning the ground cleanly, if the ground is not used for a while, the soil will dry and the surface will become hard. Even if you don't use the ground, please do a simple maintenance like hanging a dragonfly.

By the way, also sells registration marks with nail rakes and registration marks for children!

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If you need to use the ground after it rains, there is something you definitely want to protect.

It never steps into the ground when the ground surface is still muddy! That means. Wait until the back of the spike is dry enough not to get wet. This is a major premise!

Wait until you can walk, then stroke the surface with a brush or brush. This will make the ground surface dry faster. You can use the ground if it dries, but the effect of brushing or brushing is temporary, so be sure to maintain it properly after use.

If you don't want to use it immediately after it rains and you have enough time to dry it, dig a shallow surface with a rake or tractor and mix it with the moist soil below. Mixing dry and moist soil with a proper amount of dampness gives a uniform and moderately hard soil.

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Leave professional ground maintenance to your hands! is responsible for maintaining the Ivy Stadium, the home of the Softbank Hawks camp.

The finish is of course "professional".

Not only professional baseball teams, but also ground maintenance for junior high schools, high schools, and universities will be available upon request. If you have any problems with ground maintenance, please contact!

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* Ground with calcium chloride sprayed.
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