Baseball Souvenirs|Donations to the Team-For Parents, Supporters, and Alumni Meetings ①

If you don't know what to give to the team,

"I want to donate something to the team I belong to or the team my child belongs to" At that time, how about the [donation] of

We have a wide selection of products that are useful for the team. You can choose from reasonable priced items to high-class items according to your budget.

First of all, we will introduce the reasonable products.

Match ball, practice ball

Since the ball is always used, quality is important. Depending on the object, a ball that cannot be used immediately is not economical. game balls are suitable for adult baseball, college baseball, and high school baseball. We have achieved best-in-class quality, best-in-class price, and best-in-class durability.

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Ground maintenance supplies: Dragonfly with nail rake

Ground maintenance is always done by the whole team after daily practice. It is said that the team will become stronger if the ground maintenance becomes good. By maintaining a good ground, you can keep the ground in good condition, reduce injuries, and practice properly. So the role of dragonflies used for ground maintenance is important!'s 【Dragonfly with nail rake】 can easily smooth the ground with a hard surface and restore it to soft soil.

We use this to manage the stadium where professional teams camp.

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There are various other reasonable donations. Please check the website of

⇒ For ground maintenance and black soil mixing

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