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Make a bat in full order, not a regular bat customization

The other day, jb custom order bat [model] I was introduced separately, I feel the response that the demand for the order bat is expanding receiving the response from various places.

I will introduce in two separate from this time, based on [20 models] [order bat to customize] rather than,"Full order bat" to make with a complete bespokeIs.

What is a full order bat? It is a bat that can be ordered finely such as the material, length, weight, balance, grip end, grip size, color, and fabric of the bat.

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The biggest feature is the selected bat material. The >

Only two selected bat materials are selected with a full-order bat. It is called "Blue Tamo", which is said to be the king of bat wood, and "North American maple" of the highest quality.

*Introduction articles on bat materials are described in this web magazine. Please refer to it by all means. ⇒"How to Choose a Wooden Bat: Knowing the Characteristics of Bat Wood"

You can also make the same type as the bat you are currently using. The >

I want to change the material and order it in the exact same type as the bat which I use habitually for a long time! It is one of the features of a complete bespoke full order bat to meet such a demand. If you send a bat in use as a sample bat, we will trace the bat and produce a bat of the same type.


In the full order system, the grip shape that is prepared is all10 types。 Body color alsoSix typesthere, and there's more"Gloss eraser" and "baking"Such as selection is also possible. Stamp ing the back of the grip is also freeWill do in! (Limited number of characters and lines)

It is a system that is easy to order, and it becomes a method that it is easy to understand even the person who has not ordered the bat up to now. Next time, I will explain in more detail what I introduced this time.

For more information on order bats, please visit the Ballpark.com website.

"Order Bat" at BallPark.com

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