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I read passage of maintenance - Saturday at the ground of the base circumference

When a baseball game is held, naturally the ground is desolate because the player of two teams plays.

Because soil flies by a lead and the sliding of the runner, the base circumference is a place stormy in particular. Therefore I grasp the incline that there was by the direction that soil flies in and a sharpened place, and work to return soil at every game is necessary.

I am particular about the manual labor due to the dragonfly to do an incline equally, and we maintain it while reading a flow of this soil.

The ground maintenance base circumference①

The base circumference is deep!

Many spikes traces are touched to be proportional to the frequency in the base circumference where a play of an attack and the defense is carried out both and become rough. The main cause of the irregular bound that these irregularities produce in a game. Therefore work to flatten this is necessary by the maintenance after the game.

The ground maintenance base circumference②

However, I think that appearance becomes clean by the appearance only by having maintained it with a normal dragonfly or brush, but cannot cover it to spikes trace. I sharpen it by a lake (nail) to depth same as the blade of spikes having been contained, and it may be said that I removed the cause of the irregular bound for the first time by levelling it.

★The dragonfly with the nail lake is indispensable for maintenance

Dragonfly with the nail lake④

I make the ground which resists

Not only I can play a game at the ground where is in a state having good that I get rid of an incline and do it equally, but also influence comes out at the time of the rainy weather. The base circumference is the place that is easy to become low as much as play is frequent. When it rains in the state, it becomes the place where the water is easy to collect as much as it is lower than others. Because a way of the water from the high place is done, and there is the non-land in the ground, it is important that even a meaning to prevent it maintains a ground by everyday work.

Even if an intense game was held so much, players can play it safely by returning it to the ground state by all means same by the next game. In the groundkeeper of we ball park dot-com carrying out a daily activity"The making of safe ground"I aim.

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