Baseball, knocking bat/for practice and souvenir!~What is the purpose of the ball park knockbut?

Knockbat for different uses!There is confidence in the assortment!

Speaking of the ballpark's knuckb.

- Classic knockbat(4 Size, 2 grip)

- Order knock butt(custom order, full order)

£ 91k Memorial knucklebot

And there are 3 types.


< Classic knock butt> A very popular practice knuckbut is all 8 types with different lengths and grips!

Real grip type


Flare grip type


※The length is 80㎝ - 85㎝ - 90㎝ - 95㎝from the bottom




91cm commemorative knuckle butts

It is a very impressive souvenir knockbat of gold and red.


The Gold color is very calm and it has an elegant finish.

91cm commemorative knock butt gold


91cm commemorative knock butt redHow was it? I'm surprised that knockbat can be used in such a variety of applications!

More information about the knockbat from here!

91cm commemorative knock butt from here!

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