Baseball souvenirs and novelty products | Perfect for baseball-related novelty products! Corporate logo and baseball tournament name can be engraved! -How to use mini bat

Great success as a novelty goods!

Ballpark dot com's baseball memorabilia is"Company Novelty"You can use it as well. In fact, an increasing number of companies are using "5cm mini bats" as novelties and distributing the company's own logo to those involved.

[5cm mini bat] is only 5cm,"Reasonable price"When"I can engrave it firmly"In that respect, the state of being pulled as a novelty (^ ^♪ [8cm mini bat] is also very active as a novelty!

★5cm mini bat

5cm mini butt 2015 ①

★8cm mini bat

8cm mini butt 2015 ①

How is it? Please use it as a novelty for your company!

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<5cm mini bat>

<8cm mini bat>

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