Ground maintenance article, ground Yodo | Let's possess it now in the rainy season! A choice of ... ground Yodo!

Before the rainy season comes,

Are you not precocious including preparations for ground maintenance before a rainy season becomes up to professional standard? It is said that the team performing ground maintenance well is strong.

If the condition of the ground is good, there are few injuries and may not affect an exercise. Steady ground maintenance produces good exercise environment and leads it to the exercise of high quality.

It is soil of the ground use to introduce this time. The effect is reduced to half even if I go the dragonfly cliff very carefully if poor quality important soil. Drainage worsens, and a puddle comes to be made if poor quality soil and if there is little soil, a pebble joins and causes the injury.

Then I will introduce me at once!

Black soil mixture soil (pavement for grounds)

Ground maintenance black soil mixture soil

It is a tarmacadam for superior grounds in functionality to support a professional baseball field, a school ground, the condition of the sports field including the soccer ground with the soil which mixed two kinds of sand which coordinated a particle size to viscous black soil from Kagoshima at the most suitable ratio.

Ground maintenance black soil mixture soil②


・Drainage is early

・Comfortable cushion characteristics

・Ideal sliding

・Natural ball bound characteristics

・It absorbs a reflection of the light

Raw materials name: Viscous black soil (Kagoshima product), sand of a river (black soil 6: sand of a river 4)

Inner capacity: 20 kg


Makeup sand (pavement for grounds)

Makeup sand for grounds

It is makeup sand for grounds superior in functionality to support the condition of the sports field including a baseball field, the school ground soccer ground. Drainage is condition recovery in a short time early after a rainy day. I make comfortable field environment.

★The makeup sand of the ball park dot-com uses fried sand. It is 〉 with the 〈 firing sand Whereas the general sand is in a wet state in production, a process of the collection, I do not mean to be sticky by taking a dry step. In addition, by giving heat treatment Furthermore, I come into force.

Raw materials: Sand of a river

Inner capacity: 20 kg

⇒The detailed information of the black soil mixture soil from this

⇒The detailed information of the makeup sand from this

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