Ground Maintenance Supplies|The definitive version of ground maintenance developed by a professional ground keeper has arrived!

The final weapon for ground maintenance! Magic maintenance mat!

The condition of the soil on the ground is so bad that the dragonfly alone cannot be used for maintenance.

I neglected to clean it and the ground became lumpy.

There are many cases in which we ask questions about the maintenance of the ground. If you usually apply dragonflies to beans, you can maintain some ground condition, but even if you apply dragonflies, the quality of the soil itself will deteriorate and drainage will be poor, and it will be washed away by rain Or, if you step on the ground on a rainy day, the soil on the ground may become dented, and it may be difficult to maintain it just by using the dragonfly.

I would like to introduce this time, which is very useful in such a case."Magic Maintenance Matt Special"is!

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Attach it to the back of a light truck and pull!

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★Here is the point! !

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The work is extremely easy. Just tow the car around the ground! We also have replacement equipment so you can only replace the worn parts. With Magic Maintenance Mat, you can finish the ground maintenance all at once!

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