What is a proteos type? -Remarks based on scientific evidence are born! -


Introduction of "Protios type attachment" which was dramatically upgraded to "Water Square type attachment".

At Ball Park Dotcom, we offer a "water -speech -type service" that processes Wagyu JB Grab so that the customer is familiar with the customer's hands.

Modeling service that is ideal for Wagyu beef JB grab"Waters team type attached"Is maintained with a mochi feel unique to Japanese beef leather, and it is finished with a glove -specific stiffness! It has been well received.

What is a water team mold? Click here for the article



Next is the best treatment agent for Japanese beef JB gloves.


Development of the best treatment agent for Wagyu JBBirth of "PROTEIOS"

Three years since the launch of Wagyu JB Grab.


  • What should I do so that the grab doesn't become heavy as I use it?

  • What are the maintenance supplies that are not sticky?

  • How to keep the best grab condition (leather moisture, softness) for a long time?

As a result of exploring overcoming issues to make use of Japanese cowhide materials,


Finally, we have developed the best treatment agent for Wagyu JB Grab.

The name is "Proteios"

Proteios is Greek"Protein" "most important things"is what it means. Since about 90%of the cowhide used in the grab is composed of proteins, we have developed a treatment agent that can provide nutritional supplements for protein material gloves.

PROTEIOS is a "new form" treatment agent based on the scientific evidence that can penetrate the fine leather fiber and balance the original nutritional balance of leather.


In performing grab maintenanceIt is important to understand the characteristics of the grab and maintain the leather status in the optimal way.is.

Grab leather contains water and fat as well as human skin, and maintains its balance to keep the leather surface firm and luster.

The fiber of leather is also maintained by the balance between moisture and fat, and the status of the leather gloss and softness is maintained.

In daily grab maintenance, you tend to be concerned only with the surface of the grab leather, but if you do not keep in mind the inside of the grab leather, you will not be able to maintain the grab in the optimal state.

Wagyu beef JB Grab"Rich fat""Fine fiber"AsIt is a treatment agent that can apply the best approach to features.


The mold using this Proteios is the "proteos type attachment".

 Next, I will introduce the worrisome effects of the new type of "proteos type" based on scientific evidence! 




 What are the effects of protection -type attachment?


It is a characteristic of black beef skin."Fine fiber"By approaching the optimal for the best, more sustained"Fiters into your hand"One and only new modeling service that can be done"Protios type attached"

"Fine fiber" is composed of protein, and the biggest purpose of proteos type is to make the glove features made of protein material to the highest state.

Then the effects of the Protios type that you are worried about!


Five effects brought by "Protios type attachment"

  1. The components of Proteios penetrate inside the leather (fiber), and the moisture and softness are kept for a long time.

  2. You can repair the damage by molding and finish it in an optimal state

  3. The leather surface is smooth.

  4. Achieving a familiarity with sucking hands

  5. For a long time, it will be a glove that will not lose its shape.


 The above is the effect obtained by "proteos type".

Protios -type grabs are keenly moisturized, and the Japanese cowhide's original texture and the feeling of getting used to the hands are drawn out!

At the test stage, the reaction of those who actually touched the glove with a prionic mold was very good,

"Follow the hand", "I do not feel damage due to molding", "The goodness of leather and the goodness of the leather stand out"

We have received comments such as.



We will start accepting proteos -type services!

All newly purchased Japanese beef JB grabs at the Ball Park Dotcom online store can receive a proteos -type service! (※Charged option)

The application is easy and is listed on the grab product page to be purchased."Protios type attached"Just select and add it to the cart!

You can also specify the shape and specifications of your favorite grab as before!

Please take a look at the Wagyu JB Grab sales page!

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