Ground maintenance supplies, dragonfly|Easy and clean ground maintenance with dragonfly with nail rake!

Professional maintenance supplies! Dragonfly with nail rake

The facility management department of is in charge of the ground management of "Ivy Stadium" and "SOKKEN Stadium", which are the camp bases of Softbank Hawks and Orix Buffaloes.

At the time of camping every year, we help the ground maintenance with the professional groundkeepers of each team, and always try to improve their skills.

Introducing this time that is favored by professional ground keepers"Dragonfly with nail rake"is. This dragonfly from original. Our facility management department is using it for regular ground maintenance, but the finish is exactly"Professional"! First of all, please see the difference from ordinary dragonfly.


For those who are a little difficult to understand with images, please see that as the video explains how to use it. (Click the image)


Just stroking the surface is difficult to finish beautifully. By excavating the soil to some extent and eliminating the irregularities, it is possible to perform high-quality maintenance. "Dragonfly with nail rake"Has been on the market since its inception, but has been improved to the present, making it even easier to use and durable.

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It is an essential item for ground maintenance! Please try.

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