Baseball equipment, baseball gudds, Japanese cows with JB balls!

a molded ball made of leather with the same skin as a grab

The most popular type of Japanese cardboard ball, JB cardboard, has become a popular one!

The Wagyu JB is made of leather for the same type as a grab.
It is a characteristic of Wagyu JB, and the fine-grained, fine-grained leather-quality leather is exactly the same as that of grab.
So it's kind of nice to grab, and it can be typed firmly.
Of course, the compatibility with Wagyu JB grab is out of the group!

The size of the ball is twice as large as the regular hard ball.
You can make your pockets firmly by catching them while you want to make pockets.
Also, the weight of the weight is best for the training for strengthening the list.
You can train while typing.

Product information
Weight: 280g ±
■Materials: Ushikawa
Body color (embroidery and sewing color)
black (red)
Orange (black)
Red orange black

→ The detailed information on the wagyu JB is from Kochilla!

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