A "wooden wall" that suffers from ultra -high school -class sluggers. About the characteristics of wooden bat you want to know and how to practice recommended

This article is a must -see for elementary, junior high and high school players aiming to be a professional baseball player. It may be a hint to achieve great growth, especially for those who are worried about batting.

Have you ever heard this?

"The super -high school -class slugger was a professional and could not be able to support wooden bats and couldn't get any hitting results."

A super -high school -class slugger who plays a big success in Koshien and becomes a professional baseball player, is pointed out by baseball commentators in a spring camp every year.

Why in KoshienLeave that much performanceDoes athletes suffer from wooden bat response in the professional world? After graduating from high school, the players who suffered from the handling of wooden bats and disappeared from the baseball world will not stop.

As the professional world has been around for many years, even if you can leave the results as a high school student, you can leave results, such as the commonly known as "metal bat hits" you have learned as a student, but in a world than that. I have a hard time.

One of the challenges of "adaptation to wooden bats of the youth generation" is also an issue among Japanese national team officials, which have been in trouble in the international baseball tournament in recent years, and among the generations of elementary school students and junior and senior high school students in the amateur ball world. It has become active to know the characteristics of wooden bats, and to introduce wooden bats from everyday practice to get used to how to hit wooden bats.

Wagyu JB Bat/Maple Bat from North America

Therefore, what is attracting attention among junior and senior high school students is practice using wooden maplebat. It is said that bat, which uses North American hard maple, is suitable for Japanese who are used to metal bats. Our shopThe maplebat of Ball Park Dot Com isWe use carefully selected North American hard maple and have a high praise for high quality.

The length is 82cm to 85cm, which has 4 sizes according to the type, and a total of 44 types including head balance shapes, etc.The feature is that you can find a bat that suits you.

Therefore, this time, we will introduce Maplebat for Japanese beef JB rigid type that can be used by junior and senior high school students during the growth period, and to make the maximum performance in good bats and "how to make a batting form that suits you" to perform the maximum performance in good bats. I will explain.

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Characteristics of hard maple material bat

Features ①: Strength and repulsion that does not lose

Maple is the "maple" in Japan.

Most of the maplebat sold in Japan uses Maple from North America. The maple material grows in the extremely cold region of North America is heavy and has a precise skin. The bat made in the North American maple is very hard and has the strength and resilience that is as good as fastball.

Because of its hardness, maplebat has a strong vibration at the time of impact, and the hands hurt. However, it is light, strong, and durable, so it is recommended for those who want to use the same bat in both practice and games.

Due to the above features, many manufacturers have released maple bat, but our maplebat is more focused on the place of origin in North America and uses the finest hardmaspul."Hard, Share"It has a feature, and its feel has been well received by many players.

Characteristics of each material

Features ②: Strength that does not change in any side

The bat has a side called "Masame" and "Board". In contrast to the straight grain of the grain, the board is characterized by a bamboo shoot -shaped mountain.

In the past, it was better not to hit with straight grain, but it has been found that there is no big difference in durability and flight distance regardless of maplebat.

Herobo trees such as maple and white ash have a tube called "tube" and tubes to procure moisture. The maple's tube is relatively small and is scattered evenly throughout. Therefore, it is said that the strength does not change depending on the location.

On the other hand, white ash has a regular lined up along the annual wheels, and the grain is clear. It is said that a bat made of a material called "ring material" like a white ash should be hit with a straight grain.

How to make a batting form that suits you

It is important to find a wooden bat that suits the climate of Japan, knowing the individuality and characteristics of the bat material as described above. However, just getting a "top -notch tool" does not mean that your batting technology can be "first -class".

The important thing before the good or bad of the bat material is whether you know your batting. What kind of physique do you do, batting with force, and batting with technology? Do you want to hit a home run or mass -produce hits? You need to know what kind of batter you are and what kind of batter you want to be.

However, I think some people have a problem, "How can I make a batting form that suits me?"From here on, we will introduce recommended practice methods that can be tried by various players regardless of level.

1: How to find a way to fit you

Here are the simplest ways to find a way to fit you. It's a simple way to say "keep swinging at a pace of 3 minutes or batting 100 balls".

If you keep swinging and tea batting at an early pace, you will naturally get tired. Then it will naturally be a way to bring a bat near the shoulder line and body.

This is how to fit you. It doesn't become a form that puts a burden on your body, such as stretching your arms or raising your shoulders when you're tired. If you want a little more momentum based on this attitude, try fine -tuning, such as shifting the position of the bat backwards.

2: How to make the top

Players who do not know their batting are still not solidified, and the top position tends to fall apart. To create an ideal top, we recommend "shoulder -adding practice".

1. With the bat put on your shoulder, pull your front shoulder on the chin

This action can create an angle of the body slightly backwards and the ideal body condition with the front shoulder closed. Repeat this action to learn the ideal state.

2. Swing from the state where the bat is placed on your shoulder

This time, swing from the state of 1. You can swing without force by starting from the state of put on your shoulder. This practice method allows you to move your body significantly, enhancing or speeding up rotation.

In addition, you can also acquire how to use the body that speeds up by speeding up with a small rotation radius. If you feel the ideal rotation from the ideal body condition, the top position will naturally improve.

In addition, the timing of creating the top is divided into three parts: the player: when the first stance, the time to make a reservoir, and when you step. It is recommended that you have just started baseball to create a state close to completion at the first stage.

By doing so, you can simply shift to the next operation without worrying about the process.

3: Practice to incorporate parallel movements

The two movements of parallel movement and rotation movement are important for blow.

In the case of players who have not developed muscle strength, incorporating a practice method to strengthen the parallel movement can improve the form, such as making the hip joints well and stable.

Next, I will introduce three practice methods to strengthen the parallel movement.

Walking drill

1. Create a hip flexive posture (power position)

2. Create an ideal state of the chin on the front shoulder

3. Walk to the batting position while keeping the posture of 1 and 2

  • Make your knees from coming forward when creating a power position
  • Make sure the top goes forward and your shoulders do not open
  • Do not grow while walking
  • Be careful drill

    1. Create a power position top posture like a walking drill

    2. Tea batting while being aware of the movement of the pelvis forward

  • The players are divided into a type that makes it easier to push the ground with the hind legs, and the type that makes it easier to step on the forefoot is divided, so we try to see which is easier to do.

    One -leg

    It is a practice to move the center of gravity from one hind foot to one forefoot. This practice is also effective for players whose body turns forward quickly.

  • Keep your body sideways and swing with one leg
  • It is more effective if you take 2 steps 2 steps from your usual position
  • Be careful not to come forward
  • For players who do not have a body, "JB Training Bamboo Bat" is recommended.

    It is useful for the future to know the characteristics of wooden bats among junior and senior high school students and get used to the above practice. For this reason, I introduced "Maple Bat", which can practice practical practice,Practice using bamboo bat is also quite recommended.

    Bamboo bat is a bamboo bat made by putting a bamboo plate of bamboo regular size to make square lumber and cutting the square material into a bat shape.

    The following three reasons are the reason for practicing bamboo bat.

    1, Get the correct form

    The weight of the head is one of the characteristics of bamboo bat. By repeating the swing using the weight of the head, you can naturally acquire the correct form of the bat swing.

    2. Swing speed becomes faster

    Training with bamboo bat, which has a heavy head, can be expected to improve the swing speed. Furthermore, as the swing speed is faster, it leads to an increase in the flight distance.

    3. Easy to choose a bat that matches your body growth

    What I often see in youth baseball is that the bat is not suitable for the body, and is shaken by a bat rather than a bat. In this case, you will not be able to make a natural swing, and it will be difficult to acquire the basics.

    Also, as mentioned earlier, if the bat is too long or too heavy, it may lead to an elbow, waist and knee failure.

    The child's physical growth time and development speed are various, and it is very difficult to predict individual growth.

    It is said that the basics of "balance abilities" are found at around the age of 10, and "muscle strength" is enhanced in the age of 12 years old in junior high school students.

    Bamboo bat training is a bamboo bat with a length and weight that matches the growth of the individual body, and is used to the batting training during elementary and junior high school students during the growth stage of the body. The purpose is to acquire a "correct form" that will help improve future batting skills without giving a biased bad habit.

    Bamboo bat
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    For practical wooden bat practice. Wagyu beef JB rigid maple bat 20 model 44 type

    Since its founding, Ball Park Dotcom has been producing its own original wooden bat while repeated research and prototypes. As a result of trial and error while having a member of society and baseball teams from university, the Wagyu JB Maple Bat 20 model 44 type.

    The biggest feature is the abundant variations of 20 types of models with 4 sizes of 82-85cm. You can find a bat that suits you from a total of 44 types of bats.

    Bat model selection is also important for building batting forms. Check out each point, such as length, weight, grip shape, thickness of grip, balance, headcuts, etc., and select the bat that suits your batting style.

    This time, we introduced the features of maplebat and how to make the batting form that suits you, and introduced Wagyu JB Maplebat. At Ball Park Dotcom, we also help you find a bat so that you can find the best one for customers.

    If you have any problems, please feel free to contact us!

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