Burch wood hard wooden bats "GALE (Gale) Series" debut. What are the features?

This time, Ball Park Dotcom has released a new product of a rigid wooden bat. The name is ""GALE (Gale)」! "Greek" or "Arashi" It is a name that means.

GALE is rare as a hard wooden bat"Birch: Birch"I use the material. Burch materials have been gaining popularity from professional baseball players and major leaguers in recent years, but in our company.North American carefully selected barch woodusing.

Shohei Otani, who plays in the major league, also changed from Aodamo bat, which had been used in the 2021 season, to vertical bat. He showed a big success to won the MVP in the American League.

However, in Japan, the distribution volume is still small and I think it is an unfamiliar material. Therefore, this time, after explaining the characteristics of the batt material, the new series of Ball Park Dotcom "GALEI will introduce.

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Differences between a vertical material and a mainstream wood -made bat material

There are three mainstream wooden bat materials: Aodamo, White Ash Maple. Speaking of wooden bat materials, many people think of these.

Depending on the player, the preferences of each bat material are divided, and order bat, which specifies the bat material that is a raw material, is popular. In order to let you know the difference from the vertical material, we first explain the characteristics of these three materials.


It has excellent elasticity and has been gaining popularity of Japanese professional baseball players for a long time. Aodamo is said to take more than 70 years to become a bat material. For this reason, the price of bat using Aodamo is soaring as a material.

White ash

Although it is less than Aodamo, it is possible to hit a strong and fast hit because it has a rebellion. It is easy to demonstrate its power in dry areas and is used by many major league players. While there is a merit of a low price, there is also a disadvantage of durability in which the ball surface is easy to peel off and broke along the wooden eyes.


In recent years, it has been popular in the Japanese professional baseball world due to lack of Aodamo. Very hard, repulsive and durable. It is recommended for your favorite batter with a hard and playing feel. * About the material of the wooden batHereIt is explained in more detail.

"Aodamo", "Maple", "White Ash"

What are the characteristics of the barch timber bats?

Birches are the karaba in Japan. Although it is not yet known, it has the following features that are very good as a bat material.

  • Even equal and precise wooden skin
  • Less crazy such as warping and warping
  • Very sticky and strength

  • Birch material bat can feel a good and strong resilience. The biggest feature of the Birch is that you can make a good and good -fledged "strong play" like maple and "shinari" like Aodamo.

    Birch materials are ideal for manufacturing light wooden bat

    In recent baseball worlds, "light bat" has become popular regardless of professional or amateur. Most of the most commonly distributed wooden bats are 880g or more, but the number of wooden bats of 850 to 880g has increased.

    It is said that the reason for seeking light bats is that the idea of ​​"how strong and sharp swing can be made" and "whether you can make a swing to hit a strong ball" has spread throughout the baseball world.

    In fact, "full swing", which is found in Japanese professional baseball, has been established in Yuki Yanagida and Masao Yoshida. In elementary and junior high school baseball teams, the number of leaders teaching "powerful swing using the whole body" has increased regardless of the size of the body.

    In recent years, the idea of ​​diet and body building has changed, and the number of players with large body has increased. Among these players, the number of players who use light bats to make sharp and strong swings is increasing, and there are also appearance that introduces the theory of hitting, mainly SNS.

    These"Burch wood" is attracting attention in the rising flow of "light bat".is . Burch materials can also make a bat with a strong repulsive force even in light weight setting.

    Some professional baseball players use a phenomenal light barch material bat in the first half of the 800g range. If you want a light bat, please try the bat of the vertical wood!

    That said, there is still a small amount of distribution in Japan, so some people may have a hard time finding it. In the next chapter, I will introduce the barch material "GALE" released by Ball Park Dotcom.

    Bat swing

    Features of the wooden bat "GALE" using a North American yellow barch

    New series of hard wooden bats "GALEIs a "ultimate one" that gathers the bat production technology cultivated by Ball Park Dot Com. Like grabs, we are particular about the quality of MADE IN JAPAN, and craftsmen are carefully scraping each one at domestic factories.

    Super hybrid bat that combines "lightness" and "strength"

    Rigid wooden bat "GALEIs a carefully selected yellow barch from North America. In professional baseball, Yuki Yanagida and Masao Yoshida also use the yellow burrit material. GALE is 84cm/855g (average), which is extremely light among commercially available hard wooden bats.is.

    It is very easy to swing and makes it possible to make a sharper swing than ever. However, if you make a bat that will lose your power because it pursues lightness that is easy to swing, it will be overturned.

    GALE has a light swing even if it is light, and sets a weight and bat balance so that the maximum power can be hit on the ball during impact."I want to increase the power of the swing and fly a strong hit in the distance."It can be said that it is the best bat for those who say!

    GALE series

    Reasons for realizing light weight

    GALEWeight 855gThe reason why the weight reduction was realized was that it took advantage of the unique characteristics of the vertical material.Scientifically prove "strength" as a batThat's because I was able to do it.

    Ball Park Dotcom measures MOI numerical values ​​for all bats produced.

    * MOI numerical value = [mass] x [radius two square]

    MOI numerical values ​​are "inertia moments", and simply indicators represent "ease of rotation and difficulty of objects."

    The lower the value, the easier it is to rotate, and the higher it is to rotate. In the production of GALE, only those with high MOI figures are commercialized. By doing so, it was possible to make a bat production that would not lose even if it was light.

    Bat that does not lose without blurring

    The vertical bat "GALE" is recommended for such people!

  • I want a bat that doesn't lose to a light and strong ball
  • I'm looking for a wooden bat for the game
  • I want a light and easy to swing wooden bat
  • The bat I'm using now is heavy and hard to shake
  • I want a hard and mascoted bat
  • I want to try a barch material bat
  • Looking for a wooden bat that can be used more practically for practice
  • Wooden bat that can be used more practically for practice

    Excerpt from 6 models from JB20 model

    GALE has excerpted six models suitable for light weight from the popular JB20 model at Ball Park Dot Com. Here are the characteristics of each.

    GALE-004 [Top balance]

    Slender body and head balance. The grip end is slightly smaller diameter 51 mm. It is slightly squeezed from the grip end to the holding part of the pusher. Easy to hold and swing are outstanding.

    GALE-004 [Top balance]

    GALE-005 [Top balance]

    It features a slender body and a cut -off cut. The grip end is slightly thicker 26mm and the diameter is 52 mm. Bat control is also outstanding.

    GALE-005 [Top balance]

    GALE-006 [Top balance]

    Because of the sharp body and head balance, the ease of swinging and bat control are outstanding. The grip end is 53 mm in diameter.

    GALE-006 [Top balance]

    GALE-013 [middle balance]

    A flare grip that is easy to fit into your hands that pursue ease of grip. Author Hitter's favorite center of gravity is designed to achieve outstandingness.

    GALE-013 [middle balance]

    GALE-016 [middle balance]

    A supple bat of a slender body. Because of the grip shape that is easy to keep the cock, it is suitable for batters who want to stand on the bat while feeling the weight of the head.

    GALE-016 [middle balance]

    GALE-018 [middle balance]

    An ideal body that feels the beauty of curves. The rounded head is a commitment to ease of swinging. The exquisite thick grip end enables soft list work with grip as a fulcrum.

    GALE-018 [middle balance]

    Summary of the barch timber bats "GALE" series

    The 6 models above are ""GALE (Gale)"Released as a series. All models have gained popularity among the JB20 models, and are easy to handle even for "wooden bat beginners".

    Birch wood hard wooden bats "GALEIs a BFJ mark, so it can be used for university students and professional baseball games. In addition, it is an item that can be used for middle and high school students to make everyday practice more practical. I want you to have one for the future, Ball Park Dot Com's confidence!

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