Introduction of Wagyu JB Order Glove (Grab) 2022

At Ball Park Dotcom, we are making custom -made grabs for players who are particular about tools as well as players.

Create a "one in the world, your own grab" by hand by hand at one craftsman at your own factory in Japan.

On this page, we will introduce the features of the 2022 version of the Japanese beef JB grab, the contents and examples.

A custom -made Japanese beef JB glove for players who are particular about tools as well as tools and aim for higher levels. Please see it to the end

2022 version of Wagyu JB Grab

Features of Wagyu JB Grab

We will explain the characteristics of Wagyu JB Grab in four points: material, tanned, cutting, molding.

1. Materials

The main raw materials for grabs are the skin of the US and European cows, but the Japanese beef JB Grab uses only the skin of "Miyazaki Prefecture Black Wagyu beef".

The biggest feature is the abundant fat. Miyazaki Prefecture's black beef has received high praise from Japan and overseas, including the Prime Minister's Award for the first time in the Japan Wagyu Beef Ability Association for three consecutive tournaments.

Use only the skin of "Miyazaki Prefecture Kuroge Wagyu"

2. Tanning

Because Japanese beef skin has a lot of fat, it is necessary to have a process called "name" to make it the best "leather" for a grab. By leaving moderate fat by the hands of a tanner with advanced technology, the leather is excellent in strength and durability.

It has been proven that the density of leather fibers is high, and in our implementation tests, it is about twice as strong as normal grab leather.

In addition, licking Japanese beef skin creates a lightweight, soft, sticky feeling, and a supple texture that does not lose shape. The more time passes, the more you get into your hand and make a significant contribution to the improvement of the player's performance.

Tansei process

3. Cutting

We use Swiss ZUND automatic cutting machine for cutting. Only three companies in Japan have introduced this cutting machine.

The quality has been dramatically improved by combining the "projection system", which cuts the actual amount of parts while projected on the leather and the criteria for human eyes. You can respond to requests in millimeters, such as adjusting each finger.

Cut -out process

4. Molding

Wagyu JB Grab performs all processes in domestic factories, from tanned processing to production. The grabs are produced by craftsmen who have experience and track record of the famous players in the Japanese professional baseball world.

At the Wagyu JB Grab factory "Grab House", craftsmen sift their skills and devise them everywhere. The quality of this "Made in Japan" is proud.

Molding process

Introduction of lineup

We have prepared multiple menus so that you can select an order according to the applications for each generation and rules.

* Depending on the rules of the group / organization to which those who use the grab are used, please use the order system that suits your usage from the following menu.

High school baseball compatible order grab

This is an order glove that supports high school baseball rules and all leagues for junior high school rigid and soft -type leagues.

There is no need to check the rules because the combination of colors that violates in advance and the tool options that cannot be installed are not selected. Please enjoy the order simulation with confidence.

  • Select a model according to your preference (18 models in total)
  • Combination of colors in the rules (5 colors in total)
  • Original embroidery (limited to the back flat)
  • Equipped with various tool options to be used functionally (such as ring finger ring, etc.)
  • Mold processing by staff who knew Wagyu JB
  • Transmission of requests to details
  • High school baseball full -order grab

    What is the high school baseball rule?

    The first wall of junior and senior high school students to customize the glove is the "High School Baseball Rules". The high school baseball rules are "restrictions on the use of high school baseball tools" set by the Japan High School Baseball Federation.

    Examples of rules include the use of color grabs and the prohibition of using multiple leather colors. To put it simply, "flashy tools cannot be used." I would like to customize and customize it freely to my liking as for adults, but be careful because the use of tools that violate the rules is prohibited.

    Recommended "grab -type options" for high school students

    When ordering an order grab, you need to calculate the period to get used to the completed glove in addition to the delivery date of about two months.

    Especially in high school baseball, you must be used in a limited time of about two and a half years. If you are not used to molding yourself, it may take almost six months for the glove to arrive and you can use it in the game.

    If you can't use a grab for half a year in a short period of two and a half years, it's pretty painful.

    Therefore, I would like to recommend a grab -type option. This option is a service that sofits so that it can be used immediately after receiving a new glove, or gives a pocket so that the ball can fit neatly.

    We will keep the use of your favorite grab in advance and then process it, so please leave it with confidence. It is possible to hand over from one to 10 days.

    The exclusive staff who knows Wagyu JB Grab will deliver it with the optimal mold for the grab mold. If you make a mold that does not fit the grab type, it may cause its shape and shorten its life.

    Please feel free to ask if you are lost.

    Order case

    The Sky Blue label has a refreshing color scheme. Produces individuality even within the rules.

    General hard -type full order grab

    You can order a full order grab while checking the completed image with a simulation image. In addition, the strength is that mass production can be used for detailed instructions that are not in mass production, such as tool options for using gloves functionally and specifying original embroidery.

    For example, we can respond to requests such as adjusting the size of the finger bag according to the thickness of the finger and the specification of two small fingers.

  • Select a model according to your preference (18 models in total)
  • A combination of free colors (5 colors in total)
  • Original embroidery
  • Original web ( * only for pitchers)
  • Equipped with various tool options to be used functionally (such as ring finger ring, etc.)
  • Mold processing by staff who knew Wagyu JB
  • Transmission of requests to details
  • * If you order a pitcher glove used in the official game, you need to be careful because white or silver cannot be used for the label.

    General hard -type full order grab

    Delivery date

    The delivery time from order to completion is about 2 months (excluding weekends and holidays). When you order, the details will be sent to the Wagyu JB Grab Plant "Grab House", and only one original grab will be produced in the world.

    Order case

    A cool color scheme that shines the label of Wagyu JB. The atmosphere changes dramatically depending on the web.

    General hard pattern order grab

    It is a new sense order method to choose from the color pattern. You can choose from a rich pattern and order.

    More than 100 kinds of grab design patterns prepared in advance! ! It is highly recommended for those who are not good at deciding the color of the love or those who want to choose a glove that is designed coolly.

    * The models that are being sold are currently focused on popular goods for infielders, but we plan to increase the number and designs that can be selected in the future.

    General hard pattern order grab

    Engraved on the attached parts

    A unique pattern number is engraved on all the custom -ordered grabs produced.

    Unlike the part number attached for each grab model, the pattern number is engraved as a proof that it is the design of the model.

    Please look for where the pattern order grab is engraved!

    All grabs ordered in the pattern order grab are sent to the Japanese beef JB grab factory "Grab House", and one craftsman will be in charge of all processes from leather cutting to completion.

    Since each grab is manufactured manually by craftsmen, you can enjoy a glove that is particular about the details.

    Engraved on the attached parts

    Multicolor hard order grab

    You can select a color for each part while checking the design. It is highly recommended for those who want to make an original design!

    As of 2022, the color of the grab leather that can be ordered is five colors, power orange, orange, black, and sparkle yellow. No matter how many colors you use, there will be no additional charges.

    * The strength is that you can design your favorite design, but in the case of a glove for the official game, you need to be careful because white or silver cannot be used for the label.

    General rigid multi -colored hard order grab

    Order case

    "Basket web", which was popular because of the use of professional baseball Sosuke Genda, gives a unique impression with two colors. On the other hand, the bright color embroidery stands out.

    Junior order grab

    Wagyu JB Grab has obtained approval of the use of all the junior high school baseball leagues, so it can be used with confidence. It can also be used in junior high school soft baseball. However, depending on the league, you may only be able to use the glove of the Federation -approved manufacturer, so please check the official website of the league to which you belong to ().Click here for reference article)。

    Order simulation for elementary school students to junior high school players. It is designed according to the size of the hand of the youth generation.

    It is highly recommended for players who think "I want to use Wagyu JB Grab, but it's a little big for adults."

    The most difficult choice of grab is when elementary school students go up to junior high school students. Choose a junior just size so that you don't have a strange habit when catching a grab that doesn't fit in size!

    The following three major features of junior grabs are as follows.

  • Finger bags are made tight
  • Adopts a emblem type logo
  • Same production line as for adults
  • Junior order grab

    Junior grabs are designed to be a little narrow, assuming that players in the growth period use, so you can choose a glove that fits even a small player. In addition, it uses an emblem type logo mark, making it a special specification that cannot be selected for adult models.

    All order grabs for juniors are also produced at Grab House (Wagyu JB Grab Factory). We will deliver the same high -quality junior grab for adults.

    Order case

    The coolness of adults! The emblem -type JB mark not found in adult models is a good accent.


    This time, we introduced "Wagyu JB Hard Order Grab".

    If you are interested in only one order grab in the world, please try simulation once!

    In addition, our strength is that we can respond to detailed requests one by one.

    If you have any problems with grabs, please feel free to contact us!


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