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My junior from Kitakyushu started an okonomiyaki restaurant in front of Ogura station on October 1, last year. Opened a shop in "Food Village" which is newly refurbished as part of development in front of Kokura station. He is a junior at the second grade of a college baseball club, and after graduating from college, he joined the company where I used to work, and was a man who had a hard time together for about 15 years in both baseball and working days. The baseball position is an infielder and grabs are abnormally judged! ? Even when catching a loose goro successfully, I caught the ball with a light sound of "pachin", so what kind of grab do you use unintentionally? ? ? I remember touching the grab. He was a great player.

The inscription on the right side of baseball life is "ballway infinity"

The name of the store is "Tanpopo". The origin is... In the junior high school days of university baseball club, instead of practicing baseball, we mow the ground for a very long time, but the junior high school students who are covered in such mud are "Tanpopo" "Iranko Called "unnecessary child)" "weed corps" etc., I dreamed only of becoming an advanced student (laughs) and becoming a regular, and crawled day and night and worked hard. Don't forget that you were devoted to baseball at that time, and that you have endured unreasonable efforts and worked hard! With that thought, the flower language of "Tanpopo" is a no-frills, sincere love,... ! It seems that he chose "Tanpopo" because it has the meaning. In addition, I heard from the person that the inscription on the right side of baseball life was "ballway infinity," so I engraved that character on the wooden ball. I think there will be some difficulties in the future, such as new land and restaurant management. Please do your best. And I would like you to display this wooden ball in the corner of the shop. We sincerely wish you the success and success of the store! ! Wooden ball opening celebration This is a baseball souvenir! For more information, please visit the baseball souvenir site.
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