Baseball souvenirs, wedding gifts, wedding gifts | Perfect for celebrations! Introducing a very happy baseball souvenir! That ①

The wedding season has arrived!

The cherry blossom season is over, and Golden Week is just around the corner! When that happens, weddings will increase! When you become a bride in June, you can live a marriage for a long time. .. Therefore, I would like to introduce the [Baseball souvenir] that is perfect for the celebration of my friend's marriage during this holiday season! I will introduce this time"Medetai Baseball Souvenir"Click here!

The gorgeous golden color is dazzling! Gold bat

What appears in the top batter is[85cm Gold Bat]is! Gold bat example ① how is it? The gold color is very good! When you actually pick it up, it looks like a good-quality gold! 85cm wedding gold bat ③ You can engrave up to 50 characters. Text color is black and red. It comes with an acrylic bat stand and a single bat bag. This will give you a huge impact, comparable to other gifts! ⇒ For more information on this product, please see the website of <85cm gold bat>
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