Baseball souvenir|Before graduation! Introducing graduation and graduation souvenirs that are still in time ~ 5 cm memorial bat

You can make it for now! Introducing graduation graduation souvenirs!

The new year is about to pass, and it is almost one month away. It may be from this time that you feel the graduation from a youth baseball team, the graduation from a junior high school/high school/college baseball club, or graduation soon. Then, preparations for graduating children and commemorating the graduation will start in earnest.

While thinking about what kind of souvenirs should be prepared for the graduating children and what kind of gifts should be prepared for the teachers, coaches, and advisors who have taken care of me, time passed by, Graduation is approaching. In such a case, please use [Baseball souvenir] by

There is a wide variety, and you will surely find a souvenir that suits your wishes. As many of you already know, the souvenirs at are evolving day by day.

As a result of improving and discontinuing products, we are now able to provide good products.


5cm mini bat

5cm mini bat ④

A 5cm mini bat type accessory with a bat material reuse plan for the purpose of cultivating bat material for the next generation baseball player. You can choose either a strap or a key chain.

You can engrave your name, your lover's name, team name, and any letters you like as a souvenir. These products are often ordered as souvenirs for youth baseball teams and as gifts for colleagues.


5cm mini butt ②

・If you have multiple orders with different engraved characters, such as when you put your name on the team, you can send it with the data attached.

・FAX application is also available.

・Delivery: Usually 2 weeks. If you are in a hurry, please fill in the remarks column when ordering.

⇒ For more information on this product, please check the website of

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