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Photostand proud of the popularity that colonized

The wooden photostand of the ball park dot-com original. I put the photograph of the memory, and, please use it. With the property that resisted a shock, I finished it in the solid-looking design which I did heavily.

It is wonderful even if I put accessories in the hollow to put a ball! I introduce me in detail!


A wooden photostand!

The feeling that does not come if I put the ball which is attached to the hollow of the photostand!

2012-05-14 17.36.14-6

Sample of the pedestal part

Wooden photostand carved seal example .jpg

I enter the box in this way and am sent!

Wooden photostand②

●Pedestal size: 24.8cm in width, depth 9.2㎝

●Material: (pedestal), woodenness, is glass (photograph case part)

※A signed ball is with a plain fabric

※I use a walnut for wood

⇒The detailed information of this product from this!

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