Baseball souvenir | It is on the verge of graduation! It is an introduction - 8cm memory bat in graduation, 卒団記念品 still enough now

Graduation, 卒団目前企画: Introduction of the baseball souvenir

"The baseball souvenir" which preparations begin in from this time when they had graduation, 卒団 close. "The baseball souvenir" which ball park dot-com prepared it since the establishment of a business all the time and continued selling stimulated improvement, discontinuance of making, and it was in current form.

I prepare various baseball souvenirs which can meet longtime experience and the needs of the visitor. This time from that"8cm memory bat"I introduce をご.

As well as "the 5cm memory bat which I introduced ," it is a simple, reasonable product last time!


8cm mini-bat

<8cm mini-bat type key ring>

8cm mini-bat 2015①

  • ・I reuse a disadvantageous bat in a bat inappropriate status materials and occasion and am made.
  • ・I can carve a seal by a favorite letter.
  • ・The logo of a company and the team can carve a seal, too.
  • ・The delivery date is approximately two weeks. In the case of dispatch, I ask the remarks column for a mention at the time of an order.

⇒Please confirm the detailed information about this product on a website of the ball park dot-com.

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