Baseball Souvenir|Are you ready? Introducing graduation and graduation souvenirs that are still in time-38cm commemorative bat

Even if you prepare from now on, baseball souvenirs that will be in time

To the director who took care of everyone in the team To commemorate myself who worked hard This season is nearing graduation. Many people will order baseball souvenirs with various feelings. Make your own baseball souvenir, the only one in the world.

Ballpark dot com baseball souvenirs are carefully produced one by one with the thoughts of the baseball boys. Those who are not ready yet can make it now.

Please use the baseball souvenir of, which has a lot of items.

The souvenir of baseball introduced this time is the "38 cm memorial bat"!


38cm mini bat

Length: 38cm Weight: About 100g

★Although small, it has a solid bat shape.

38cm mini butt 2015 ①

Please use it as a special souvenir for wedding occasions, graduation celebrations, or any occasion.

-Up to 30 characters can be engraved.

・A clear case is provided as standard, but there is also a box (300 yen is required separately).

38cm mini bat case

・It takes about 2 weeks to produce. (If you are in a hurry, please fill in the remarks column when ordering)

⇒For more detailed information about this product, please see the website of

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