Baseball Memorabilia, Graduate School, Ball (3)

A number of baseball memorabilia with a sense of luxury

Some of the ball baseball memorabilia are very reasonable in terms of price, while others are quite expensive. Depending on who you give, you can choose a variety of baseball memorabilia from the ballpark.

This is a popular product to give to special people on special occasions. You can also stamp the words and messages you give!


Wooden Photo Stand

This is the original wooden photo stand.

Wood uses walnuts. It is characterized by a calm hue and a grain of wood with a profound feeling, and has a unique texture and warmth that is not bound by fashion. It has a strong nature to the impact, and finished it in the design with a sense of stability that was strong. Good even if I put an accessory in the recess to put a ball!

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A clock clock

It is an original wooden clock. The Roman numerals on the dial are decorated with bat illustrations. It is characterized by a calm hue and a profound grain of wood, and has a unique texture and warmth. There is a sense of stability that has the thickness and is tight.

You can stamp the top and bottom of the dial!

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