Wooden bats and engravings | Let's engrave your name on the practice bat!


Point of name engraving

★Can be used as my bat for many years!

By engraving the name, you will be attached to the bat and it will be the only bat in the world.

★Mistakes and theft prevention

If the team has the same bat, it is possible that a different person may accidentally use the bat. By engraving your name, you can prevent mistakes, theft prevention, and clues when lost!

★Can be stored semi-permanently

Since the marking is done by a laser processing machine, not by printing, it is possible to save semipermanently without the fear of letters coming off.

1. Let's decide the position of the stamp

You can choose your favorite marking position from 3 positions. Various for right and left batters! The grip side is the most popular regardless of the orientation of the batter.


2. Let's decide the marking content

The number of characters that can be engraved is within 10 characters. The most common word in the engraved engraving is "individual name". By engraving your name on the bat, you will be attached to the bat and have the habit of taking good care of things. Aim for Koshien! There are many people who set goals such as.

3. Let's decide the typeface of the letters

The atmosphere of the bat also changes depending on the typeface of the letters. You can choose your favorite typeface from the three typefaces.


4. Let's decide the character color

It is good to use the same color as the mark color! On the contrary, it is also good to use a character color different from the mark color! Please choose the font color as you like.



* Due to the official baseball rules, the engraved bat cannot be used in official games.

There is a possibility that the referee will be warned for violating the rules. Please note that bats with the BFJ mark cannot be engraved. *Please note that the paint may peel off if left in the rain for a long time.

Stamp example collection

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