Wooden Bat, Order Bat|Completely Customized Full Order Bat! ②

Full bespoke full-order bat full view released!

What is Ball Park dot com full order bat?Bat that can be ordered in detail such as length, weight, balance, grip end, grip size, head cutThat.

Unlike custom orders that are manufactured based on the standard 20 types, you can design even the finer parts to your liking. You can also make a bat by tracing the bat mold you are currently using. More convenient and easier to order"Completely bespoke full order bat".. Here are the details.

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How to order a bespoke full order bat

Completely bespoke There are two types of bat materials for full-order bats. Choose one.

●Blue Tamo
●North American Maple

●Choose the length from 83cm to 86cm.
● Select the weight from 870g to 930g.
*It is possible to make the same type of bat using the "bat in use" as a sample.

● There are 20 grip models in total. Select your favorite grip model from them. ●The grip size of the selected grip model can be customized. ➡Size can be changed from 23.5 mm to 26 mm.

Grip shape 20 models list

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Choose from the following 5 types.


*The same type of bat can be manufactured using the bat in use as a sample!

Select body color>

The bat color is"One color for the whole" "Use different colors for the grip and head"Can be selected. Furthermore, the grip part is[30 cm width] or [45 cm width]You can choose either.


further,"Matte processing" "Bake processing"You can also choose. Please see the bat in the image below. The leftmost bat"Baking process"The bat on the far right is"Matte processing"Has been applied.