Knocked back with a single click. A new sense of order to knock the bat's introduction! ①

JB classic knock back clicking control panel, clicking appearance and personalization, clicking personalization, and then clicking customize!

Ball Park dot com is selling"JB's"is a popular product. "Length"is 4 types of"color"has 2 patterns.

Look...... it was knocking back there,I introduce to you,this knocked the bat to change the color of the team or their own knock back into that"JB custom orders knocked the bat"in. I see let's go!

JB custom orders knocked bat


is the material, and the Center"Park"in, and around the Maple is covered. As the material this is a good start!

< Length and weight>

length and weight, the JB classic features the same design as that cannot be changed. Length: 80cm~95cm weight: 510g~540g

<a grip shape>

grip shape is the following 2 for you to choose from.

< Design pattern>

what color to put for the following design patterns to choose from.

< The color of choice>

Design Patterns for, now is the time"color"is selected. Color in all 16 kinds of prepared!

Color placed the sample is below!

< Mark designs to select>

JB Marks of the design to select it.

< The grip end to the character stamped>

in the end, the grip end to stamp on the characters to decide.

What do you think? Like this arrangement, just be yourself and personalities that can represent think! What is your color ring to it?

⇒ JB custom order features of order from!

The next time,"I knocked the bat to trace the"made to order knock the bat here.

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