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Let's repair spikes, grabs, and mitts!

This web magazine has been introduced several times."Ballpark.com repair workshop".. Our staff specializes in repairing and maintaining baseball equipment such as spikes, gloves, and mitt. This time, I would like to introduce a practical version of "Spike sewing P" that I had requested the other day! I attached a sewing P for fielders (^ ^♪

For sewing P, tanned leather is sewn to the spikes with a sewing machine. The toe shape differs depending on the size of the spike and the manufacturer. The specialized staff runs the needle of the sewing machine while sensing this difference. A fit is born from the beauty of the form of the sewing P created from this handmade product.

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Durability is improved by wearing Kobane!

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The price is here!

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Depending on the condition of the repair workshop and the shape of the spike, sewing P can be done in a minimum of 1 hour! Please drop in when you go back to school or work.

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