How to clean leather gloves, teach how to wash, remove dirt, and how to avoid crisp!

Batting glove (gloves) to enhance the grip power when batting and adjust the impact sensation. Many people will love natural leather batting gloves, which are particularly good for fit.

however,"The high leather gloves I bought for the game have sucked sweat and crisp ..."Have you ever experienced that?

Leather gloves are very compatible with sweat, If you dry with sweat, it will be crispy. In particular, if the leather gloves with a shallow day after purchasing are useless, many people are disappointed that "I just bought it ...".

Many people think that they cannot be washed with water, and they may become odorous due to dirt and sweat sticking.

It is a gloved glove of natural leather that is expensive compared to synthetic leather, but if you use gloves that are in good condition, you want to use it as long as possible.

"Ball Park Dot Com" "ProteiosIf you clean it, it is possible to last longer the gloves of natural leather. PROTEIOS is sold as a grab treatment agent, but it can actually be used to care for leather gloves!

So this timeHow to clean leather gloves using ProteiosI would like to introduce you. It's a very easy way, so if you are using leather gloves, please read and try it!

How to revive crispy leather gloves

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We manufacture a glove "Wagyu JB Series" that takes advantage of the excellent characteristics of Japanese black beef leather, but in order to maximize this characteristics, we will study and develop maintenance over a long time. I did it.

Please contact us if you have any problems with grabs as well as maintenance.

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How to clean leather gloves using Proteios

Before you actually start care, prepare the following:

Things to prepare

  • Leather gloves (natural leather and synthetic leather are OK)
  • Proteios
  • Batht vacet or bucket
  • Lukewater (about 34-38 °)
  • Leather detergent (if necessary)
  • * It is also recommended to dissolve leather detergent in lukewarm water according to the condition of dirt.

    STEP1. "Push with lukewarm water"

    First of all, the dirt removal on the leather gloves. Not cold waterLeather -friendly lukewarm waterLet's use. Put lukewarm water in a bathtub or bucket, and wash with gloves in your hand.

    Rather than putting in your efforts, wash gently with your hands so that you can exhale soaked sweat and soil dirt.

    By turning the gloves in addition to the front side and pressing the inside, you can remove dirt more effectively. If the dirt can be removed, squeeze the water.

    Push -wash

    Step2. "Combine Proteios"

    If you squeeze the water soaked in gloves, here is the appearance of Proteios!Proteios that can be used not only for grabs but also for leather products.Let's spray plenty without worrying about the amount.

    PROTEIOS is prepared to be close to the balance between the original oil and moisture, and has a very high permeability to the inside of the leather. Therefore, even if you apply it a lot, it will not be heavy and will not stick.

    If you are worried about the crispy glovesAnyway, spray a lot! After spraying a lot of PROTEIOS, rub both hands while rubbing your gloves to blend the ingredients.

    "To penetrate the ingredients evenly"Is the biggest point to revive gloves!

    STEP3. "Dry"

    Gloves that have penetrated PROTEIOS firmly are dried in a "air -ventilated shade". The point at this time is "to shape it into the hand."Put it in your hand once before drying and shape it into your hand.This makes it easier to revive as before.

    Also, I never want to make it crisp! It is also recommended to spray again in the middle of drying. PROTEIOS has the effect of volatilizing unnecessary moisture, so spraying and blending can be blown away while protecting the oil required for leather.

    Even if you dry it, it will remain moist, so it will not be crispy.

    Instagram also distributes maintenance videos. If you want to see how you are actually taking care, please check it out.


    What did you think? Did you understand that you can maintain leather gloves unexpectedly? In particular, before the official game season begins, check the status of the tools to be used once and care.

    As a review, the tutorial of the care method is described below.

    Summary of how to clean

    The performance will change depending on the condition of the tools. Even if you have never cleaned it, please try this article while watching this article!

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