Training bat|Compare short bat and long bat! How to choose a training bat ①

I compared the training bats by length! manufactures and sells a wide variety of training bamboo bats. I would like to introduce the training bamboo bat that I introduced in this web magazine in the past while comparing it focusing on [length].

The short bamboo bats mentioned here have a size in the Bamboo Bat series of cm to 78 cmUp to the bamboo bat.

Practicing with a short bat is one-handed I think that many professional baseball players have seen the video of tea batting with one hand during practice.

By training with a one-handed bat,Role division of puller and pusher, Again each"How Should I Use My Shoulders, Armpits, Arms, Elbows, and Wrists?",vice versa,"When does shoulder, armpit, arm, elbow, or wrist movement make bat control useless?"You can learn the technique while thinking about things such as.


Recommended for these people!

・I want to correct how to hit
・I want to wear an inside-out swing
・Want to acquire correct bat control (orbit)
・I want to improve the door swing
・I want to master the flow and usage of the upper body
・I want to get the feeling of pushing the ball in
・I want to hit a strong ball in the opposite direction


Effect on the left hand (pull)

・Improved bat control
・Learn the role of puller during wrist turn
・We can make batting foam with the sides closed.
・You can grasp the trick of swinging in conjunction with the lower body
・Improved door swing
・Acquisition of follow-through payment method


Effect on right (pusher)

・Establishment of meat points
・Learn the role of pusher during wrist turn
・Get a sense of how to use the pusher at the moment of impact
・You can grasp the trick of swinging in conjunction with the lower body
・Improved door swing
・Learn how to use the elbow
・Learn the role of push-through follow-through


The long bat is effective for training to acquire an ideal swing.

For people with habits such as the following, a long bat is suitable for correcting habits.

① The upper body leans backward and the bat does not come out

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② Your left leg is tight, and your upper body bends back

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③ The right shoulder drops extremely

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Pendulum swing corrects habits!

A pendulum swing is like a pendulum on a clock"Big" "Slow" "Repeat"Say a swing. Since it is a training that uses weight and length, [long bamboo bat] is suitable (^ ^♪

Be careful not to shake it forcibly as it may hurt you. Please check your swing and try the pendulum swing!

A sense of purpose is important for practicing with bats of extremely different lengthsis. Keep an eye on what is not enough for your batting and how you can cure your habits, and continue your training!

⇒ For more information on short bats, please visit the Training Bamboo Bat website!

⇒ Click here for more information on the long bat!

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