The four reasons for the 82cm Wagyu beef JB bat are selected. Baseball YouTuber Tokusan is also a favorite!

Depending on the player, the size and strength of each person are different, and the taste and play style are also tenth. Therefore, it is important to choose a tool that suits each player. It can be said about any baseball supplies,Of course, it is important to choose the bat according to the style and purpose of each player.

In order to meet a bat that suits you, the choice of "order bat" to be created from scratch according to your request is best, but considering the cost, it is better to find something that suits you from the ready -made products. 。

Therefore, we"I want you to find a bat that suits you."From the ready -made lineup, we have developed various bat variations. among them,To answer the request of "I want to use a short and easy -to -swing bat""Wagyu JB Bat Maple Series 82cm"We manufacture and sell, and have been patronized by many players.

This time, I will tell you why this product is selected and the benefits of using a short bat.

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Youth baseball -Professional baseball players used the bat length

First, the length of the commonly used bat is briefly summarized below.

● Elementary school student: 64-81cm
● Junior high school student: 81-84cm
● High school student: 82-85cm
● University students / working people: 82-86cm

This is just a guide, but a bat with a length according to the size of the body is selected in each generation. Most of the junior high school 2nd and 3rd graders, whose body grows, is often used with a bat of 82 mm or more.

The longer the bat, the more the distance you are in the distance and the flight distance.There is a tendency. For this reason, athletes who are called "long hitters" often use long battles, and some players use long battles such as 86 to 87cm in working adults and professionals.

On the other hand, more and more players use short bats.

83cm bats are becoming mainstream at high school baseball sites.Short and easy to swingThe number of players who want to use bat is increasing. In addition, professional baseball players who are particular about the bat at a high level are "I want to freely manipulate the bat" and "I want to swing it sharply", so players who choose a short bat of 82 to 83cm have been used in the past. There is a certain number from.

For example, a former professional baseball player who won the SE League championship was active.Add further polishing to the handling of the in -courseTherefore, it is said that he played an active part in a short bat of 82cm.

In addition, a famous player who is still active is custom -ordered for a 70cm range bat, which is even shorter than that.In the professional world, it is natural that short bats will be selected according to the strategy and purpose.It is becoming

The batting changes depending on the length of the bat

Benefits of choosing a short bat

A short batBat control is easy to swingThere is a merit. The reason is that the swing is compact because the distance from the hand to the tip of the bat is shorter.

If the swing becomes compact, the range of correspondence to the ball type and course will be expanded.

In addition, it is easier to handle fastballs, and can be used as a delay in match against pitchers who throw fast balls.

In particular, because the in -course is easier to handle, the batter who is not good at attacking the inner angle adjusts the length of the bat shortly and is compatible with the course that is not good.

82cm can achieve these benefits in a well -balanced mannerIt will be a bat size.

The batting changes depending on the length of the bat

Not just length. The four reasons for the 82cm Wagyu beef JB bat are selected

Speaking of Wagyu JB Bat (82㎝), it is a strategic bat size that is hard to see anywhere else. Then, what if it is a 82㎝ bat, the answer is "No". If a bat with a bad balance just is short, it will break down. Unless you are a bat that takes into account the total balance, you cannot demonstrate the above benefits.

From here, we will explain the characteristics of our 82cm Wagyu JB Bat.

1. Ultimate sophisticated "easy to swing out" body balance

In the production of 82㎝ -sized bats, I went to the ground many times to hear the opinions of many Syria players, and thoroughly pursued the ease of swinging. I think you can feel the unprecedented "high operability".

The heavier the weight of the bat, the more powerful when it starts to move.Wagyu JB Bat 82cm is set to 900g, which is relatively heavydoing. Many customers who have it will say, "I feel light."

This is of course a reason. This is because the center of gravity is several mm closer than the conventional balance. By doing thisAchieves a body balance that feels light and easy to swingI did (baseball YouTuber Tokusan continuous tea batting videoHere)。

Tokusan continuous tea batting

2. Strength that does not lose

When you hear a short bat, you may hear the question, "Would you like to lose a fastball that exceeds 150 km?"

In conclusion, I will not lose. The Wagyu beef JB maplebat series 82㎝ has a "strength" that is comparable to fastball. In order to make a bat with this strength, we are particular about the body balance.

A swing with the head even if it is short,You can hit the most powerful force against the ball during impactPlease be assured that the weight and balance are set! (The video of Tokusan hitting 150 kilometersHere

I hit 150 km back

3. It is suitable for training for junior and senior high school students with high goals

In recent years, the number of junior and senior high school students who train with maple material wooden bats has increased significantly, especially in powerful schools. Speaking of the classic batting practice, "bamboo bat" is still a royal road, but wooden bats have the following advantages.

  • More practical "hitting feeling"
  • "Familiar" to wooden bats with a view to the future
  • Acquisition of hitting technology that is conscious of "Shinari" peculiar to wooden bats

  • The stage above high school baseball is required to use wooden bats, so if you want to be active in such a world in the future, you are used to using wooden bats early. is not.

    but,Many wooden bats sold on the market are more than 84 cm, and junior and senior high school students are "the size does not fit".I hear a lot of voices.

    In that regard, Wagyu JB Bat has a 82cm size, so it is easy for junior and senior high school students to pick them up. also,The wooden bat produced by us is the same material and manufacturing method as the bat used by professional baseball players.Because it is made using, you can get used to top -class tools from an early stage.

    You can get used to top -class tools from an early stage

    4. Design

    We were particular about "design" in manufacturing. Everyone wants to wear cool things and play. Wagyu beef JB maplebat 82cm is a total of 6 models (the characteristics of each model are the characteristicsHerePlease refer to the).

  • 005 model
  • 006 model
  • 009 model
  • 012 model
  • 018 model

  • And the features of these lineup designs are as follows.

  • Place the Japanese beef mark near the grip
  • Stylish second mark
  • Simple and fashionable color variations

  • Designs that are widely loved by incorporating modern trends everywhereWas designed. In particularThe model of 006 and 012 is a glossy type that feels astringent (matte black)It is very popular with customers. In addition, the 018 model is processed to roast and burn the surface.

    Design that is widely loved

    Tokusan also highly evaluates 82cm of Wagyu JB Bat Maple Series

    Wagyu JB Bat 82cm is introduced on the popular baseball YouTube channel "Toksan TV".Tokusan commented that "well -balanced and easy to use!"We have received.

    In the video, the appearance of infiltrating the training of the powerful professional team with a 82cm Wagyu JB Bat, and a serious game with an active independent leaguer is broadcast. If you miss it, please see the link below.

    Wagyu JB Bat Using a member of society infiltration video is here (Tokusan TV video 0: 15 ~

    Click here for the confrontation video with the active independent leaguer (Tokusan TV video 1: 30-

    Click here for Tokusan's Wagyu beef JB bat introduction video (Tokusan TV video 5: 26 ~

    About our bat lineup

    We are domestic manufacturers that specialize in wooden bats. We are manufacturing various bats that suit each player, from small children to professional baseball players, as well as training bats for university students and professionals who are fighting at high levels.

    This time, I told you about the benefits of using a short bat and why Wagyu JB Bat is selected. Wagyu JB Bat 82cm was the one you care about?

    For Wagyu JB BatIn addition to 82cm used by Toksan, we have a lineup of 83cm, 84cm, and 85cm, so you can choose the right size for you.

    The model can be selected by each length, and the matte black found in the 006 and 012 models is a matte type that feels astringent compared to normal black, making it difficult to customers. It has been well received! In addition, the 018 model is baked with the surface of the bat grilling and grilling.

    In addition, we send out a variety of baseball gear to the world, from 67cm to 1m size. If you have any problems or consultations, please feel free to find a bat.inquiryPlease give me.

    We will help you to meet a wonderful one!

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