Wagyu grab|JB glove with a hot topic is released to the public ⑥ For pitchers

Wagyu JB Grab for pitchers is now available!

Since its launch, we have been receiving orders from a large number of people beyond our imagination, and we have been running out of stock. We manufacture and sell products one after another, so please make a reservation if you are out of stock at a store near you. We are making every effort to deliver it to you as soon as possible, so please wait a little longer.

In this web magazine, we introduce Wagyu JB grabs in order. This time & next time we will introduce glove for pitcher!

Wagyu JB Grab/JB-001T for pitchers (for vertical collection)

For pitchersIt is an orthodox model of. Deep pocket design with a web that makes it easy to hide the grip of the ball when throwing. *For vertical


Material: Miyazaki wagyu leather
■Size: 11.6 inches (29.5cm) *Size is a guide.
■Body color: Orange/Power orange/Black

*You can choose the web

■Mouton color: Black
■Mark color:
Orange: Gold x Black
Power orange: Gold x black
Black: Gold x red
■ Core Toji: Double horizontal Toji
■ Tentative race: Regular winding
■For right throw, left throw
■With glove bag

¥53,900 (tax included) About a week

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*The pitcher grab "for vertical" is for pitchers who do not hold the grab strongly when throwing. It is said to be suitable for pitchers who throw at overslow.

⇒Click here for details on grabs for pitchers "for stealing"!

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