Wakao JB|Topical boiling Wakawa JB grabs ?7 ~ outfield grabs (2)

The choice has widened! Grab for Wakao JB outfielder

The Wauchi JB Grab is highly regarded as being easy to use immediately after purchase, with excellent softness and fitness due to the nature of black-haired Wauchu leather. In addition, infielders, outfielders, and pitchers are processed to match each position, which is also a factor in the evaluation of 'easyness to use'.
I'm here to introduce you in the series, and the grab I'm going to introduce this time is a grab for outfielders. In fact, there was only one kind for outfielders before (JB-007), but they made another kind of little-sized grab, because of the wider selection. With the wider selection, we have been able to get more orders from more players. So let's introduce them as soon as possible.

Hard/outfielder/008 grab type [JB-008]

Goods Description.
Materials: Miyazaki Wakawu leather
Size: 11.8 inch size is tangible.
Body Color: Orange/Power Orange/Black
Mouton Color: Black
label color
Orange of the cover: Gold × Black
The ostensibly power orange: Gold × Black
The cover black: silver × gold
Toji: Double transverse Toji
Hand race: backwind
right-hand pitching/left pitching
with grab bags
made by japan

predator surface

thumb side

small finger side

The same outfield model is smaller than the same model, and the catching surface is wider, so it is easy to operate from catch to sending ball, and the players who have been converted from infield to outfield are also osmosis!
This product is ordered from Kochira

YouTube baseball specialty channel Toxan TV is from Kochila
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