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Details of Wagyu JB Grab & Mitt revealed!

"Wagyu JB grab & mitt" introduced in the series. There are 3 times to leave the series. Wagyu JB Mitt is the last 3 times!

This time, I would like to introduce Wagyu JB First Mitt. The Wagyu JB First Mitt has the best fit. It fits well in the hand and catches balls very smoothly.

"This is the first soft mitt ever!"

"Anyway, catching a ball is easy"

We have received such voices from many people. So let's get started!


Wagyu JB Grab/JB-003 First Mitt

With a slightly deeper pocket design, it can also be used by fielders to throw balls and hit hard. This model emphasizes operability.

Wagyu JB JB-003

Material: Miyazaki wagyu leather
■Body color: Black/Power orange

Wagyu JB JB-003BLKWagyu JB JB-003POR

■Mouton color: Black
Mark color (direct stick)
[Body color: black] Gold x red
[Body color: Power Orange] Gold x Black
■ Core Toji: Double Yokotoji
■ For right throw/left throw
■With glove bag
■Made in Japan *Hard type

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