Wagyu JB Grab of The Topic (9) ~ Pitcher's glove (2)

The cause of the buzz again was that top-notch professional baseball player!

A super-leading pitcher of a certain professional baseball team uses "Wagyu JB Grab" made by Ball Park.com!?

In the photo featured in a sports magazine, what the big pitcher had in his hand was exactly wagyu JB Grab When i saw it, all the staff were really impressed!

Wagyu JB Grab, you can see the difference clearly when you use it. And once you use it, you won't want to use another grab.

The "skin" of Miyazaki Kuroge Wagyu beef is transformed into "leather" with the best "softness", "suppleness", and "fit" by the first-class tanner. Then, the wagyu JB grab is processed into the first-class grab by the hand of the craftsman who has the highest technology in Japan, and completes.

Please try to use the pure domestic wagyu grab that professional players praise.
> The grab i'll show you is for pitchers (for vertical catching). Let's take a closer look!

Hard/for pitchers/001 grab type [JB-001T] for vertical catching

●Material: Miyazaki Wagyu Leather
♦Size 11.6 inches 29.5 cm*※ size is approximate.
♦Body color: Orange/ Power Orange/Black
●Label color
Leather Orange: Gold x Black
Front Leather Power Orange: Gold x Black
Front leather black: gold x red

♦Mouton Color- Black
●Finger cover
♦Core Toji- Double Yokotoji
For right throw/left throw
With grab bag
Made in Japan

Catching ball

Thumb side

Little finger side

Orthodox type for pitchers. It adopts the web which is easy to conceal the grip of the ball at the time of throwing by a deep pocket design, and it is with a double yokotoji and a finger cover.
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★Who is the professional baseball pitcher who uses Wagyu JB Grab? For more information, please refer to the YouTube baseball channel "Tokusan TV"
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