Wagyu JB|What is the hottest Wagyu JB grab? ⑧~Pitcher grab (1)

That first-class professional baseball player is a favorite! Wagyu JB glove for pitchers!

Recently, the biggest reason why the topic of Wagyu JB grabs is reboiled is that it has been found that the leading professional baseball players in use are using Wagyu JB glove (for pitchers).
In the YouTube baseball channel "Tokusan TV", we have a thorough explanation of "who is on which team and who is using it"! Click here for details!

There are two types of Wagyu JB grabs (for pitchers), one for "horizontal catch" and the other for "vertical catch", and you can choose according to your catching shape. Other than that, various processing can be added to meet the players' wishes as much as possible. (Order grab only)
Indeed, it is possible to get your own original Wagyu JB grab.

Introducing this time,Wagyu JB Grab for pitchers(For lateral capture)is.

Hard type/Pitcher/001 grab type [JB-001Y]

Material: Miyazaki wagyu leather
■Size: 11.6 inches (29.5cm) *Size is a guide.
■Body color: Orange/Power orange/Black
■ Label color
Surface leather orange: gold x black
Leather power orange: Gold x Black
Leather black: gold x red
■Mouton color: Black
■ With finger cover
■ Core Toji: Double Yokotoji
■ For right throw/left throw
■With glove bag
■ Made in Japan

Catching surface

Thumb side

Little finger side

An orthodox type for pitchers. The deep pocket design uses a web that makes it easy to hide the grip of the ball when throwing. Double horizontal, with finger cover.
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