Wagyu JB Grab of The Topic (5) ~ Grab for infielder

Can be used all round as an infield grab

Wagyu JB Grab, which i'll introduce this time, is a recently released product.
The Infield Wagyu JB Grab is made to have its own personality, and is made in the second direction, third direction, short direction, depending on its type.
There are two kinds of size for the second, and the small one which can be used in the sense which is closer to the bare hand is attracting popularity.

The glove to be introduced this time is for short circuit (JB-006) when i go from the model number, but the size becomes about the middle of [JB-004] and [JB-005]. In addition, we did not make it have individuality for short, and manufactured it as an all-round type so that anyone can use it if it is an infielder.
Since selling this type, popularity has skyrocketed! Let me introduce you immediately!

Hard/for infielder/006S grab type [JB-006S]

●Material: Miyazaki Wagyu Leather
The size is 11.2 inches* the size is an standard.
♦Body color: Orange/ Power Orange/Black
♦Mouton Color- Black
●Label color
Leather Orange: Gold x Black
Front Leather Power Orange: Gold x Black
Front leather black: silver x gold
♦Core Toji- Double Yokotoji
♦Modus operandi race - reverse winding
For right throwing
With grab bag
Made in Japan

Catching ball

Thumb side

Little finger side

The type is the same size as JB-004S and was enlarged once. The intermediate size of the JB-004S and JB-005. A model that is lightweight and can be selected as an infield all-round. Excellent operability. The wagyu JB label is put in the thumb.

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