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The ball Park is an Wagyu JB product before,Wagyu JB prototype of the 30-piece limited edition, and the use of feeling and quality about the data collected, the product is more amazing than improved. So the finished Wagyu JB is a great sensation, and sold through the dealership that are also available.

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It's not the topic of Wagyu JB grab from,we introduce to you live here!

Wagyu JB grab/JB-006 infielder for the

shortstop (short)designed for the model. The size of the pocket,every shot responding to assumed. At hand center of gravity of the lightweight design. The big feature is the point of tightness, without freely move the fingers into pieces wide design. In particular, the fingers of the second joint is bent and grab the ball of the operation operability is outstanding. Type 縦横自在 type. JB-006
<Product details>
■material:Miyazaki Wagyu leather
■size: 11.4 inches(28.5 cm) * size is approximate.
■Body color: orange/power orange/black
■the color: black
■marking color:
orange: gold×black
power Orange: Gold×Black
Black: Silver / Gold
■core business:double-side digital
■modus operandi racing: counter-wound
■ Right throw for
■grab bag with
<price>53,900 yen (tax included) <shipping> about 1 Week
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