Japanese beef JB | Did you have it in your hand yet? Japanese beef JB glove - pitcher use①

Having been made a company of Miyazaki

Miyazaki is a big production center of the obvious domestic black color Japanese beef. Black color Japanese beef from Miyazaki which achieved the great achievement called 3 straight victories by a national Japanese beef ability expo. Speaking of Miyazaki cow, a steak, the taste including the roasted meat are the best specimen in existence.
"The skin of cow providing such a superb taste is the best".
It is ball park dot-com president, Yamauchi to have thought so. It is five years from a design. I managed to reach commodification last year and at first was shown by Tokyo 6 University all-star game (I hold it in Miyazaki) at last. It,"Japanese beef JB glove & mitt"
Is taken up by the media, and the orders from sports shops of the whole country occur successively afterwards; to "super popular item" which is in an always now scarce state! I sell the product of the popular color in particular, and a state to be sold out immediately continues.
I thank for a geographical advantage called Miyazaki who laid such Japanese beef JB. And it is thanks to black color Japanese beef from Miyazaki!
I divide it into several times from this time and want to do the introduction of the Japanese beef JB glove & mitt some other time.
Scarcely "Japanese beef JB glove (start from assumption use!) for pitchers"

Japanese beef JB glove: JB-001Y (assumption use) for pitchers

■A use: Rigid business
■Material: Miyazaki Japanese beef leather
■Size: 11.6 inches (29.5cm) of ※ size is aims.
■A main body color: Orange / power orange / black
■A mark color:
An ornamental leather covering the metal parts of armor orange: Gold X black
An ornamental leather covering the metal parts of armor power orange: Gold X black
Ornamental leather covering the metal parts of armor black: Gold X red
■A mouton color: Black
■A finger cover: Available
■Core トジ: ダブルヨコトジ
■Right throw / left throw use
■A bag is with a glove
■Product made in Japan

Web shape

The model that pitcher nature of errand けの is orthodox. I adopt the Web that is easy to cover the grip of the ball at the time of the throw by 深 めの pocket design. ダブルヨコトジ, a cover is with a finger.

⇒The detailed information of this product from this!
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