Japanese beef JB | Did you have it in your hand yet? Japanese beef JB glove - pitcher use②

Three super first rank made Japanese beef JB glove.

The black color Japanese beef from Miyazaki is the best Japanese beef which achieved 3 straight victories by a national Japanese beef ability expo in Japan. The glove of the ball park dot-com accomplishes transformation to hides for gloves by tannaim said Japan's most using skin of this best Japanese beef in Japan.
And I take a model carefully, and the leather is sewed by a glove craftsman said to Japan's most, and it becomes Japanese beef JB glove. The glove which had this Japan one three is only Japanese beef JB glove of the ball park dot-com.
The Japanese beef JB glove that I achieve a debut by Tokyo six University baseball all-star game, and the person not to know now is disappearing last year. Please employ the person who has not yet had it in its hand.

Japanese beef JB glove: JB-001T (length collecting use) for pitchers

"Length collecting use" of the glove for pitchers is a product for pitchers who do not strongly grasp a glove in the case of a throw.
It is told a pitcher throwing it by an overhand throw to be correct.

■A use: Rigid business
■Material: Miyazaki Japanese beef leather
■Size: 11.6 inches (29.5cm)
※The size is an aim.
■A main body color: Orange / power orange / black
■A mark color:
An ornamental leather covering the metal parts of armor orange: Gold X black
An ornamental leather covering the metal parts of armor power orange: Gold X black
Ornamental leather covering the metal parts of armor black: Gold X red
■A mouton color: Black
■A finger cover: Available
■Core トジ: ダブルヨコトジ
■Right throw / left throw use
■A bag is with a glove
■Product made in Japan


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