Wagyu JB|What is the hottest Wagyu JB grab? ⑥~Outfielder grab (1)

Support for all flying balls! A large design for outfielders is now available!

The Wagyu JB glove introduced here is a glove made for outfielders. It is designed to be large so that it can be used for all types of flying balls.

-Large grabs are hard and difficult to handle-
No, that's not the case. The Wagyu JB glove is soft and fits comfortably in the hand, even for large outfield grabs.
In addition, the lightweight design is very easy to handle. You can see the difference once you use it.
There are two types of glove for outfield. Here is the first one.

Hard type/Outfielder/007 grab type [JB-007]

Material: Miyazaki wagyu leather
■Size: 12 inches (30.5 cm) *Size is a guide.
■Body color: Orange/Power orange/Black
■Mouton color: Black
■ Label color
Surface leather orange: gold x black
Leather power orange: Gold x Black
Leather black: silver x gold
■ Core Toji: Double horizontal Toji
■ Tentative race: Reverse winding
■ For right throw/left throw
■With glove bag
■ Made in Japan

Catching surface

Thumb side

Little finger side

A type designed for outfielders. The deep pockets and large size design are designed for use with any flying ball. Lightweight design with a center of gravity at hand for excellent operability. Achieves strength at the ball and reliable catch.

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