Wagyu JB|What is the hottest Wagyu JB grab? ~ Second grab ②

A grab designed to look like a bare hand

The Japanese hands are relatively small, and there are quite a few players who say that the glove on the market is "too big". Not only the size of the hand, but also many people like "small glove".
The wagyu JB grab second glove is available in a slightly smaller size to meet the demands of such players.
I used [JB-004] as the mold and made it slim. It is one of the most popular grabs in the Wagyu JB grab series.
Let's introduce it now.

Hard type/infielder/004S grab type [JB-004S]

Material: Miyazaki wagyu leather
■Size: 10.8 inches (27.5 cm) *The size is a guide.
■Body color: Orange/Power orange/Black
■Mouton color: Black
■ Label color
Surface leather orange: gold x black
Leather power orange: Gold x Black
Leather black: silver x gold

Label position: thumb
■ Core Toji: Double horizontal Toji
■ Tentative race: Reverse winding
■For right throw
■With glove bag
■ Made in Japan

Catching surface

Thumb side

Little finger side

Ideal size for general and high school students who prefer small infielder glove, and elementary and junior high school students who are beginning to play hard. Wagyu JB label is put on the thumb.

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