Wagyu JB|your hands on it. Wagyu JB grabs~the second baseman for ②

Japanese hands to fit the size of! Wagyu JB the lightest, most compact model

Wagyu JB grab since its launch, the best-selling model,we introduce to you the second baseman for the grab.
In selected from such as Wagyu JB are the same, the selling reason is,this model is the smallest and lightest and you can play it on your tablet or mobile phone. Japanese small hands to fit in size small, one handed, the ball will be in...... It is this model is the best-selling why I think it is.
A little off-guard, the"sold out", so if thinking about buying from your order immediately please. Now let us introduce

Wagyu JB brand:JB-004S~the second baseman (secondary)for

■infielder for grabs
■applications: rigid for
■material: Miyazaki Wagyu leather
■size: 10.8 inch(27.5 cm) * size is approximate.
■Body color: orange/power orange/black
■the color: black
■marking color:
table leather orange:gold×black
table leather power orange:gold×black
table leather black:silver / gold
■Mark position: the thumb
■core business: Double horizontal version
■modus operandi racing: counter-wound
■the right throw for
■grab bag with
■Made in Japan

second baseman for JB-004 from bare hands to feel closer to the designed JB the smallest lightest models. For when you feel small type of quick operation. In standard mode, only the thumb Wagyu JB labels into the model.

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