Wagyu JB | Have you got your hands already?Wagyu JB grab 4-3 basemen for third baseman

Only wagyu JB is the only leather area in the area identified.

Grab with leather for wagyu produced in Japan is quite a good one. However, only the "wagyu JB" of the Ball Park Dot Com is used for the leather that has been identified in the production area.
It is also said that identifying the production area is responsible for the people who are producing wagyu in their production areas.
" If there is a problem with the quality of the wagyu jB of , it will lead to the efforts of the producers to water the efforts of the producers.I will make absolutely wonderful things." Such a hot mind is contained in Wagyu JB.
Now, the Wow JB Glove I will introduce to you this time is Cochilla!

Wagyu JB grab: JB-005 to third baseman (third baseman)

Usage: for hard use
Materials: Kazuhide MIYAZAKI
Size: 11.6 inches (29.5cm) * Size is eye-size.
■Body Color: Orange/Power Orange/Black
Mouton Color: Black
Mark Color:
Leather Orange: Gold × Black
Table: leather power orange: gold × black
Omote leather black: gold × red
The wick: Double yokotoji
Race (Taguchi): Reverse maki
for a right that
With a grab bag
■Made in Japan

It is a type designed for third basemen.The deepening pockets are assumed to be capable of responding to strong batches.It is a lightweight design with a weight of hand, and it is an inability to handle graphics and manipulation, so it can quickly respond to grab operations such as reverse single catches. For players who use and close the grab depth.

Please refer to the details of this product from Kochira!
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