Japanese beef JB | Did you have it in your hand yet? Japanese beef JB glove - second baseman use①

What is the impression using the Japanese beef JB glove?

I asked the people whom Japanese beef JB glove was really used for about a frank impression.
・Familiarity chest ... moist in a hand!
・The feeling that a ball sticks to is good!
・A sound when I caught it is very good!
I had such an impression approach from most one. Thank you very much.
After all it is leather softness and feeling of fitting to be surprised most. It seems to be surprised the glove that care is made better in particular.
Such Japanese beef JB glove. The person who has not been yet had in its hand, please examine the purchase!
By the way, Japanese beef JB glove to introduce this time is this!

Japanese beef JB glove: JB-004 - second baseman (second) business

■Glove for infielders
■A use: Rigid business
■Material: Miyazaki Japanese beef leather
■Size: 10.8 inches (27.5cm) of ※ size is aims.
■A main body color: Orange / power orange / black
■A mouton color: Black
■A mark color:
An ornamental leather covering the metal parts of armor orange: Gold X black
An ornamental leather covering the metal parts of armor power orange: Gold X black
Ornamental leather covering the metal parts of armor black: Silver X gold
■Core トジ: Double wide トジ
■A trick race: Reverse winding
■Right-handed business
■A bag is with a glove
■Product made in Japan

The model that was designed for a second baseman. The pocket is 浅 めの design. Quick grip substitute and sense of speed are most suitable for the teamwork that there is. Because the lightweight design of smallish hand center of gravity is excellent at a feeling of fitting, and the operability is distinguished, it is easy to do the glove tosses. A model is length and breadth free model.

⇒The detailed information of this product from this!
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