Wagyu Grab - Hot Wagyu-ko-grab for infielder

Sense of security of specific leather of origin

"Wagyu", "Wagyu", "Wagyu", "Yubeef", "Yubeef", "Sei-mit". The skin used is the male skin of Miyazaki Black Hair Wagyu Beef. There are a variety of "Wagyu leather" grabs in Japan, but the only grab using leather that has been identified is wagyu JB.

Is the skin of a beef cow really suitable for grab leather? I hear that there are many people who have such questions. However, the moment i got wagyu JB, such a doubt and uneasiness were eliminated, and I am satisfied with the feeling of use. Such Wagyu JB Grab is introduced in order in this web magazine. If you are considering, please refer by all means.

Grab to introduce this time is here

Wagyu JB Grab/JB-005 for infielder

For third basemanModel designed to. The deep pocket assumes the correspondence to a strong ball. Because the fit and the operability are distinguished by the light weight design of the hand center of gravity, it is possible to correspond quickly to the glove operation such as a reverse single catch. For players who use grabs vertically close. JB-005
●Material: Miyazaki Wagyu Leather
♦Size 11.6 inches 29.5 cm *Size is approximate.
♦Body color: Orange/ Power Orange/Black
♦Mouton Color- Black
♦Mark color
Orange: Gold x Black
Power Orange: Gold x Black
Black: Silver x Gold
♦Core Toji- Double Horizontal Toji
♦Modus operandi race - reverse winding
For right throwing
With grab bag
<価格>¥53,900 (tax included)
<発送> About a week
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