Wagyu grab|Wagyu beef JB grab with a hot topic is released at once ⑨ Catcher Mitt

Professional Wagyu JB Catcher Mitt-Part 1

Wagyu JB Grab & Mitt. There are two types of Japanese beef JB catcher mitt. Introducing this time is a professional model with an open style back style. The fit when you put your hands in is outstanding! Designed with emphasis on operability, it is designed to be compatible with changing spheres and to facilitate smooth transitions to quick throws.

Wagyu JB Grab/Catcher Mitt Open Style

A model for athletes who prefer vertical grabs.

Wagyu JB Mitt JB-002

Material: Miyazaki wagyu leather
■Body color: Black/Power orange
Wagyu JB JB-002 BLK
Wagyu JB JB-002PRO

■Mouton color: Black
Mark color (direct stick)
[Body color: black] Gold x red
[Body color: Power Orange] Gold x Black
■For right throw
■With glove bag
■Made in Japan *Hard type

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