Wagyu JB Grab of The Topic (4) ~ Grab for short

Wagyu JB Grab Continues to Evolve

Wagyu JB Grab has received a very high reputation since its launch, but this does not mean that grab development has ended. In search of a better Wagyu JB grab, research and development is continuing.

Miyazaki Kuroge Wagyu is the best Wagyu beef in Japan. BallPark.com is also committed to corporate efforts to avoid being ashamed of its name. We want to aim for the first class in a niche field that is difficult for major manufacturers to start.

Well, we have explained the Wagyu JB grab in order. The fourth time, grab for the short.

Hard/for infielder/006 grab type [JB-006]

●Material: Miyazaki Wagyu Leather
♦Size 11.4 inches 29 cm*※ size is approximate.
♦Body color: Orange/ Power Orange/Black
♦Mouton Color- Black
●Label color
Leather Orange: Gold x Black
Front Leather Power Orange: Gold x Black
Front leather black: Silver x Gold
♦Core Toji- Double Yokotoji
♦Modus operandi race - reverse winding
For right throwing
With grab bag
Made in Japan

Catching ball

Thumb side

Little finger side

Type designed for the shooter. The larger pocket supposition supposing the response to any ball. Lightweight design with a center of gravity at hand.
A big feature is the wide design of the finger putting part that can move freely without the feeling of pressure of the finger. In particular, the operation of the operation to grab the ball by bending the second joint of the finger is outstanding. The type is a vertical and horizontal free type.

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